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September 2014
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In Part 2 of Home & Hardware, things get complicated as John tries to help Jack move on from his troubled past.

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In Part 1 of Home & Hardware, Jack and John are both looking for a new start as they begin their new jobs.

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In Part 2 of "No Room in the Bin", Rob's stragne behaviour starts to take over hsi life and things start to unravel even before Santa visits. 

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In Part 1 of "No Room in the Bin", Rob's curiosity about his neighbours gets the better of him in the lead up to Christmas. 

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In Part 2 of Spillage, the mysterious black BMW that had ended up in the workshop is a distraction from the main game.

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Part 1 of Spillage. Craig struggles to keep things under control at his small and quirky smash repair business.

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In Part 2 of Pick Me! Pick Me!, Steve tries to keep his wits about him while heading to political oblivion

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Part 1 of Pick Me! Pick Me! Steve finds out he's been drafted into a polictical battle he really can't win.

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Three quirky little stories - Lost, I Can Touch The Walls, and Threadbare.

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Part 2 of Performance Anxiety. The whole season, and indeed their entire careers, are at risk of coming unstuck for Jarrod and his team mates.

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Part 1 of Performance Anxiety.  Meet Jarrod, star footballer, and his beautiful, intelligent fiance. But things aren't going well at the club.

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